Board of Directors

The Erie Regional Airport Authority is a Pennsylvania Municipal Corporation established in 1951, under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act No. 164, for the purpose of acquiring, holding, constructing, improving, maintaining and operating, owning, leasing and providing financing for the airport and all facilities necessary or incident thereto.

The Airport Authority's Board consists of nine members, five appointed by the City Council of Erie and four appointed by Erie County Council. The appointments are non-authoritative in nature. There is no continuing linkage between the appointing authority and the board member. The oversight responsibility of the appointing authority ends with the appointment. Board members cannot be removed without cause and Pennsylvania law provides an impeachment procedure to be utilized if there is reasonable cause for a board member's removal.

Board of Directors:

Frank Stefano Jr.

- Frank Stefano Jr.,

Second Term Expiration:  12/31/2017

Appointed by:  Erie County Council


Namon McWilliams

- Namon McWilliams
  President Pro Tem

Second Term Expiration: 12/31/2018

Appointed by: Erie City Council
Charles Augustine

- Charles Augustine,
  Vice President

Second Term Expiration:  12/31/2018

Appointed by:  Erie County Council
Louis Bizzarro

- Louis Bizzarro

Second Term Expiration:  12/31/2015

Appointed by:  Erie City Council
Chris Parker

- Chris Parker

Second Term Expiration: 12/31/16

Appointed by: Erie County Council

Daniel Giannelli

- Daniel Giannelli
  Board Member 

First Term Expiration:  12/31/2019

Appointed by: Erie City Council
Pat Cappabianca

-Patrick Cappabianca
  Board Member

First Term Expiration:  12/31/2016

Appointed by: Erie City Council
Luvennise Gamble

-Luvennise Gamble
  Board Member

First Term Expiration:  12/31/2017

Appointed by: Erie City Council
David Hallman, Jr.

- David Hallman, Jr.
  Board Member

First Term Expiration:  12/31/2015

Appointed by: Erie County Council
Louis J. Prorreco

- Louis J. Porreco

1968-1986: Served all years as President
2000-2002: Board Member
2003-2009: President

*28 years total; with 25 years as President

Appointed by:  Erie City Council

Charles Trabold

- Charles Trabold
  Secretary Emeritus

Appointed by:  Erie City Council


Board of Directors
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